Honorably served 1982-2002

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This activity has been used since 2008 when I first began hosting Retreats and Vision Board parties. It is a great goal-setting exercise to help you turn your dreams into reality. This is another great team-building activity.

You won't reach your goals if you do not know where you are going or what you want to accomplish. This mini-course will help you write your Life Mission Statement so you can live with a purpose. This is a great team-building exercise, too.

My team and I deliver custom solutions tailored to you, your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. My resumes and LinkedIn profiles get results.

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"I love seeing others succeed. I look forward to helping you achieve career success."

Jaynine Howard, USMC (Ret), Ph.D.

A roadmap for success will help you avoid mistakes and reduce stress during your transition so you enjoy life after leaving the military. I created this checklist to help you have a smooth transition from the military to the mainstream. 

In this course you learn to identify the role that people in your life hold. You maybe surprised to see who is your cheerleader and who is sabotaging your success.